Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux (also known as Anita Tijoux, born Anamaría Merino Tijoux on June 12, 1977 in Lille, France) is a Chilean rapper and singer, who became famous in the late 90's as a female MC of hip-hop band Makiza and later as a solo artist. She moved to Santiago, Chile in 1993, where she's stayed. In the 1990's Anita formed a hip-hop band Los Gemelos (The Twins) with a fellow rapper Zaturno (later became famous as a member of Tiro de Gracia). In 1997 she gained first major attention after singing in a Los Tetas' hit single La Medicina. Later she joined DJ Squat, Cenzi and Seo2, and Makiza was formed. After Makiza went on hiatus in 2001, Anita returned to France and took a break from music until 2004. After coming back to Chile in 2004 she became singing with the funk/acid jazz band Aluzinati, and later in 2005 she reformed Makiza with Seo2 and two new members and released the band's final album to date, Casino Royale. In 2007 Anita appeared on Julieta Venegas' hit single, Eres Para Mí and finally released her solo debut, Kaos. Thanks to the first single, Despabílate, Anita was nominated for the Latin version of the MTV Video Music Awards 2007 under the categories Best New Artist and Best Urban Artist. In October 2009, Tijoux released her second solo album, titled 1977 after the year she was born. The album was a return to her rap roots, an homage to the golden age of hip-hop; it was largely auto-biographical, exploring mature themes from her own life, from the death of a cl...

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